Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Working on upgrading to 1.6.6

Patches have stabilize for Minecraft though notch did note on reddit there might be 1.6.7 but sounds like thats pretty much it due to E3!  So I finally started working on upgrading.  I'm about one third the way through the integration process but there might be work to tackle than normal with the obfuscation step due to a new MCP and I had custom changes in place for reobfuscation.  Should be on target though for the update hopefully being ready by Friday.


  1. Everytime I see MPC i think it means NPC -__-
    I get exited that your working on them but then i realize your not >.>

  2. Yeah i also think you man NPC :(
    it so much the NPC'S could do like show you the way or something..

    Good to know you are on your way thought!! :D

  3. Well the One thing i want the NPC's to do the most is longer text speeches.

    another thing (Im not sure if its a script) but have a monster spawn, But the monster has limited sight (Amnesia :3) and has a limit before it despawns. BUT it wont despawn if it keeps on seeing you. Somethung along that nature.

    Sounds way to complicated. :P

  4. I was just wondering, will you ever make it so you can build and do adventures with other people?

    (In other words, multiplayer)

  5. NPC's will be extended via scripting soon enough. Afraid there won't ever be multiplayer as making maps for them and handling all the edge cases is too much of a pain.

  6. when will adventurecraft work for 1.6.6?