Sunday, May 29, 2011

r720 - Slight Addition to Item Scripts

Since this feature was so useful decided to just release a version for this.  Which is whenever you hit an entity then hitEntity gets set to the entity hit.  If instead you hit a block then hitBlock will have a Vec3 with the block coordinates hit.  Otherwise they get set to null if they aren't hit.


  1. Cool, we can use this to make breakable items now right?
    Is it possible to add the block is breaking overlay to a block?

  2. 99887: The best way to emulate that for now is probably to take however many decorative blocks for the number of hits you want it to take to break, and give each one the same texture, just with a progressively more broken look. Swap out the less broken-looking blocks for the more broken ones each time the block is hit until it is to be destroyed.

  3. Have you been contacted by notch? Theres going to be an adventure mode added in 1.7. If you havent I will be seriously disappointed in notch once again.