Wednesday, July 6, 2011

1.7 Progress and a New Map

Well I've basically got the conversion to 1.7 completed and now have to fix a bunch of bugs from the integrate.  Which seems mainly to be all the same ones I had in the previous update but too tired right now to remember all the fixes.

But I'm adding a new map for you called Legend of Zelda - Seal of Time for you to try out instead while I get some rest before work tomorrow and then finishing the 1.7 update.  Note this map is very puzzle based


  1. Alright, great. I might be releasing a demo version of my map in the next few days, I've completed the construction of almost everything before the second town, and I just need to finish creating conversations and enemy encounters, and a few retextures.

    I look forward to seeing and/or making piston contraptions in puzzles and obstacle courses.

  2. Great news about 1.7, thanks a lot for your effort and time! It's very appreciated! I'm willing to play all of those new maps once I make the update. Best luck!

  3. Are you legally able to allow donations? I can't say I'd be able to donate any time soon but you should totally do that.

  4. I agree with c37 studio. I rather play more AC than MC :D

  5. not sure where else to put this or if its already been asked somewhere but i found abug with the hookshot. if you send it out then teleport somewhere it doesnt work anymore at all. not even on differnt maps

  6. @MrEggWhites
    here I have placed your bug and you should put anything else you will find incorrect in AC.

    Well I have thought I will have my map added, but now I have another one and hopefully wait for the moment it will be added. It's demo so far "Ninja's island".