Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Looks like we overloaded Worstcase's Dropbox account

Just letting people know you won't be able to get his map at the moment.  Also unfortunately I had inserted his map with %20 into the DB instead of spaces so it hadn't been counting downloads but should be around 2k downloads (zip was about 50mb from my recollection and there is a 10gb limit for free accounts).


  1. Kind of irrelevant to this post, but I feel like script has made message blocks all but useless.

    It's so much easier to just make a chat.print script or two than to spread it across 4-8 message blocks! :D

  2. @C37: Especially since message blocks only support 30 characters/block. They are good for simple things, but for anything more complex, scripts rock.

    Also, I no longer need that chat stuff I requested earlier, Cryect. I found a much more user-friendly approach. A bit more scripting is required, but I think that users of my maps will like it much more!