Sunday, July 17, 2011

r911 - Pegasus Boots

First feature for player movement is the Pegasus Boots.  With them you can double jump (meaning jump once in the air) and wall jump by jumping as you collide with a wall.

  • Adds Pegasus Boots, which allow for double jump and wall jumping. 
  • Can open chests with swords now.
  • Items no longer swap if left clicking with no item in the offhand.
  • EntityLiving have the new additional varibles
    • canWallJump - Can this entity wall jump or not by jumping when colliding against a wall
    • timesCanJumpInAir - How many times can this entity jump in the air
    • jumpsInAirLeft - How many jumps are remaining for this entity in the air (this gets reset to timesCanJumpInAir upon landing)
  • item_onAddToSlot_%d.js, item_onAddToSlot_%d_%d.js, item_onRemovedFromSlot_%d.js and item_onRemovedFromSlot_%d_%d.js are new scripts that get executed when the specified item is added/removed from a slot.  slotID is loaded with the slot number that the item is being removed/added to.


  1. I still wandering how to type ID if the item has values. Like there is alot types off wool, dyes and decorative blocks. I havent found anywhere for this information...

    But great work, of-course it's not like scripted items or map creating tools. This thins will have use in my map since it's NINJAwar story ;)

  2. @Gurunext: Minecraft-original item IDs can be found at

    Cryect, I hope you plan on limiting what blocks you can wall jump off of. This was actually better than what I imagined.

  3. "Items no longer swap if left clicking with no item in the offhand."


  4. I am talking about scripting. I know where to find item ID's. But there is value that in some vebsites displayed as ID:value. For example you can tell me what is the ID for black wool not the main white wool. Because I need to know ow to write ID when there is value.

  5. You mean the order of ID and damage value?

  6. Cryect, is there a scriptable method on changing light values at the moment?

  7. Back to ID's... I think you're right so how should I type ID with damage value?

  8. Try (ID, quantity, damage value).

  9. So if I use a script I will not be able to set damage value if there will be no place for it. I am trying to use Inventory Management 2v. I'll need to contact the creator about that.

    BTW. About pegasus boots. It would be better that you could jump (including walljump) only if you press space or whatever button you set to jump. Not just by holding it. Because it's hard to control that kind of jumping.

  10. To set a block type and damage, use world.setBlockIDAndMetadata(int x, int y, int z, int id, int metadata), where x,y,z are the coordinates of the block to be affected, id is the block id, and metadata is the damage value. Not sure why its called metadata, kkind of confusing, but there you go.