Tuesday, July 19, 2011

r914 - Pegasus Boot Changes

  • Can no longer wall jump off clip blocks
  • The camera view shifts gradually instead of immediately after a wall jump
  • Launcher for Linux will no longer keep trying to download SWT though it also won't use the launcher browser either.
For those of you on Linux for the launcher change you will need to redownload here http://bit.ly/pgJHxW everyone else just click the update button.

Also check out this article on the wiki by UltraPeeks for a slime worm boss for some of what you can do with the AdventureCraft scripting.


  1. You fixed being able to open chests with a sword and caused a whole nother WAAAYYYYY biger problem!!! Deleting chests!!!! I now have to slect the smallest area around a chest and erase it just to get rid of it!!!!

  2. Haha damn I will try to get a fix for that in tomorrow.

  3. With the Pegasus Boots, could we get an option to specify time allowed between jumps and be able to use that rather than/as well as resetting on landing
    As well as option for specific block id's which cant wall jumped off(or cant jump off overlays, which would allow us to put like "ice" or whatever over ones that cant by walljumped)