Saturday, August 20, 2011

Amensia: Minecraft's Descent + r987

Just added to the maps Icecruiser's take on Amnesia called Amensia: Minecraft's Descent.

I've also uploaded the latest versions of Creeper Spleef and Zelda Adventure.  I still need to add a way to alert you when maps get updated that you have downloaded etc but in the future!  For the moment I'm focusing on working on a map of my own to look for rough edges that need fixing or work.

Updater r987 is a minor update with the below.
  • Sand will be placed correctly when generating maps from terrain images now
  • Removed the height factor with populating snow for terrain image based maps
  • F3 Debug Info will have information from the terrain image displayed
  • Can toggle if fluids are collidable by clicking on them via /fluidcollision
Edit: Seems I forgot I need to use JAR to make compatible ZIP files for Zelda Adventure so uploading fixed zips for Zelda Adventure now.


  1. I am using mac os 10.5.8 and i am still getting the[1,1008714150]
    then it says

  2. Yep, due to issues with the JVM included with MacOS 10.5.8 it just doesn't work.

  3. hey i got an idea.
    can u create a twitter page or facebook site and we can ask u things every time?

  4. Crytect, i really need help...
    i am in the middle of making the rpg map: The Quest of Saldeirr on the wiki, but when i downloaded the new update, I can't run adventure craft anymore. When i click start, the screen just disappears and nothing happens. I REALLY wish i could continue with my map, but I've tried everything and this issue is beyond my means of repair. PLEASE HELP!