Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gone to GDC Euro

Won't be any updates for the week as I'm gone to GDC Euro.


  1. new ideas for AC
    -A chest you can set up several times (like in Resident Evil 3)
    If I discard a sword in the chest at point A, I find it in the chest at point B (C,D,E....) too.
    and I can take it when I need it.
    -A possibility for the players have limited storage space (less than what is offered).
    so they can take matters is limited (like ammunition).

    lg ccXL

  2. For some of your next updates, could you use some of the ideas on the feature requests page on Adventurecraft Wiki? I looked at them and a lot of the ideas sound pretty cool.

  3. @coastercraft Your second request can be accomplished via scripting.