Tuesday, August 2, 2011

r962 - Adds the ability for map's to open URL's

  • Adds a URL Block when triggered will ask the player if they want to goto the specified URL (Note you can paste a URL into the GUI)
  • Can ask the player if they want to goto a URL from scripts
    • script.openUrl(String url)
    • script.openUrl(String url, String msg)
  • Can copy and paste into the chat bar


  1. Can copy and paste into the chat bar is awesome !!
    Great work :D

  2. Don't see much use in it, but nonetheless, good work.

  3. I know this isn't the best place for a bug report, but I couldn't find any other way to reach you:

    ver r962

    When you have a Custom Mob Spawner that spawns a scripted entity (Entitys/Example.txt), you cannot use the function entity.setTarget(Player). It spits out an in-game error saying no such function or method exists. You can use every other related one, including entity.pathToEntity(player).

  4. It's in .txt? Shouldn't it be in .js?

  5. Scripted Entities don't have setTarget because they have no logic for targets.

    SN777 Divinus the use for this is example having links in game say to your forum page or other such places.

  6. I understand that, but I rarely would use them. Then again, they would be good to redirect to polls on the corresponding topic, so that they can voice their opinions.

  7. Also, Cryect, you should make a script object for lighting values from the /config menu if it doesn't exist. I could make good use of that in the future, and others could use them as night vision goggles without affecting Spider aggresion.

  8. If it's not possible for scripted entities to fight, then can you please give us a way to make humanoid enemies? The closest I can come is a zombie with a changed skin/weapon and fireimmune, but it still makes zombie sounds.

  9. @Szythe You can override his sounds. I think the folder directory is:
    As for via scripting, Idk.

  10. @SN777 Divinus, its already there with effect.getLightRampValue(int i), effect.setLightRampValue(int i, float f) and effect.resetLightRampValues(). i should be between 0 and 15 for light at that value and f being how bright.

    @Szythe, its possible for them to fight you just have to code the logic of how you want them to fight.