Saturday, December 3, 2011

NPC Path Block Tutorial Video


  1. Very good!
    I look forward to arriving update that has mission.

    I was playing, and I ended up with an idea to improve further the mission of the NPC.

    How about a little dot on the map for the Index must go to a place or even where to find a certain object.

    For example:
    Mission: Bring a fishing rod for the angler.
    Ai appears on the map the location you need to go ...

    Facilitate many of the missions, and it would be much more fun it would be a difficult job, much more rewarding!

  2. Estou esperando ancioso que saia a atualização de quest :D

  3. ples this this bug with the stone texturpack

  4. Hey, remember me? Mehehe. Yea, I got a really nice computer very fit for gaming for Christmas so that I could start my 3D modeling studies proper.

    I've been thinking about starting up on LotAC again, but I'm aware that you plan on mostly ceasing to follow with regular Minecraft's update features. However, I have a suggestion about this. What about the Experience bar/Leveling system? Do you think it would be possible to add a function to allow/disallow the loss of XP on death, script execution on reaching certain levels, add/remove XP with scripts, disable this system entirely, etc?

    I was trying to go over in my head the features of Adventurecraft and LotAC in my head earlier today, and I thought about this and I figured it was a reasonable idea.

  5. Just realized it's been a month since this was posted. I'm hoping this is because of Skyrim or incompleteness, not whatever that mortgage business was.

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  7. It would probably be a good idea to say more about it before expecting people to download that without any info.

    Also, if it's images or something, you should definitely just upload it to an image hosting site.

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