Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trigger Refactoring Completed

Finished up the triggering refactoring today and everything seems to be working overall better than before though ts more expensive though to compute if a block is activated or not.  Frees up the metadata to be used for other purposes is the big thing. Also, I've added custom lang file ability for maps and a darkness block that absorbs 2 light values instead of the normal one.

Plans for tomorrow

  • Add a trigger block for pushable blocks that gets triggered when the correct colored pushable block is pushed on top.
  • Add a block storage block which can load its memory of blocks of an area up into that area.

1 comment:

  1. is the storage block like the one requested in the wiki?

    also was just wondering if you were considering the hot-spot trigger, would be awesome

    also regarding the addition of mods to AC i know
    that you have modified a lot of the class files and as such mightn't work but where would i put the class files,
    into the bin folder,(i'm on a mac)
    and would things that don't alter the original class files work if you get modloader to work?

    thanks so much
    you are a legend