Sunday, April 24, 2011

r584 - Musical Instruments

I recommend getting the version with maps this time if you want to try out scripting since I include a bunch of samples with the Biome Test map.  Will be posting all the new script commands shortly.  1.5 is still waiting on MCP for those wondering about that release.

  • Adds tons of additional new scripting commands.
  • Music Instruments now can be played by right clicking then pressing 1 through 0 keys and using shift for sharps. Musical songs can trigger scripts.
  • Mob spawners can have scripts for on spawning, on death, and on tick updates.
  • Mob spawner UI revamped and added 3 additional OnDeath triggers.
  • Sample musical scripts with the biome test with the file called musicScripts.txt and scripts in the script directory.

With Maps -
No Maps -
Update -


  1. Damn, I need to stop checking the blog before I go to bed. Guess I won't be going to sleep before midnight tonight! :D

  2. Scratch that, I guess I can't play. Sad face.

    Can't wait for 1.5 update. Oooohh maaan.

  3. Oh also, I should note that I was having an issue with ondeath triggers. it worked at first, but when I logged out, and eventually, back in, they weren't there anymore. The trigger I mean. It was still being used up, but wasn't connected to anything.

    Anyway, I'll be heading off to bed after all, I guess. Oooh, 11:55. Crap. Distracted by tv. 11:58. Must hurry to accomplish goooaalllss!

  4. Yep, was surprised I hadn't seen that bug mentioned earlier but fixed it with this update when I added the 3 additional on death triggers.

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